The London Muslim Centre

The London Muslim Centre is the most significant new Muslim cultural building in Europe. It adjoins the existing East London Mosque.

The brief for the scheme is complex. The building includes two new large multipurpose halls, library, exhibition concourse, ablutions, gym/youth centre, community rooms, advice centre, creche and a private school. There is also ancillary residential and commercial accommodation that brings the total floor area of the building to 8,500m2.

The new building represents a focus for moderate Muslim outreach in Tower Hamlets in London, and the UK as a whole. As such, the design presents an open face to the wider public through views into the building.

The Whitechapel Road elevation achieves a modern interpretation of traditional materials and massing by combining pattern with geometry. In this way, the building seeks to be a distinctive but sensitive neighbour in its historic Whitechapel context.

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